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Key Partners: Relativity

Longstanding Partners

Epiq has partnered with Relativity since 2007 to help clients with their discovery needs.

Relativity makes software to help users organize data, discover the truth and act on it. Its SaaS platform RelativityOne manages large volumes of data and quickly identifies key issues during litigation and internal investigations. The AI-powered communication surveillance platform, Relativity Trace proactively detects regulatory misconduct like insider trading, collusion and other non-compliant behavior.

Epiq is the largest global Relativity partner. Epiq Service Cloud ‘Metrics that Matter’ innovations for RelativityOne and Relativity Server users now include new RelativityOne Insights dashboards to help Epiq Managed Services clients achieve cost savings and greater efficiencies within their RelativityOne subscriptions.

Epiq helps clients get the most out of Relativity’s eDiscovery product suite via services, expertise, hosting, custom workflows, and more.

We work hard to maintain our industry-leading expertise so we can offer superior service for Relativity and RelativityOne users

Relativity Certifications
Relativity Masters (6)
Relativity Experts (20)
Relativity Certified Administrator (169)
RelativityOne Certified Pro (80)
RelativityOne Review Pro (18)
Relativity Project Management Specialist (9)
Relativity Processing Specialist (16)
Relativity Analytics Specialist (37)
Relativity Review Management Specialist (75)
Relativity Certified Sales Pro (25)
Relativity Infrastructure Specialist (5)

Key advantages of working with Epiq for your Relativity eDiscovery needs


Secure data storage with Single Sign On capabilities via Epiq Access


Global playbook and data storage options


Experienced client service team members who can help set up custom workflows


Flexible Managed Services options that include Relativity and RelativityOne access


Ability to restrict access to sensitive material or work product


Advanced reporting, visualizations and metrics

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