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Epiq delivers unique, consultative guidance at every stage in the eDiscovery process, including processing and hosting.

Our data and processing experts can best position your data for downstream efficiencies, using documented, legally defensible processes.

At Epiq, we know that processing your data is a critical step in a project’s lifecycle that can impact the overall cost and successful outcome of a case. Our project managers pay close attention to important details such as proper tracking, documented settings, time zone normalization, password-protection handling, language identification and translation, and proper metadata identification and indexing. Transparency and information is critical, so we provide timeframe expectations in advance and detailed reports after each processing phase.

Epiq offers multiple hosting options, from our 15 secure global data centers to SaaS-based cloud hosting, we can meet your specific requirements and needs. Epiq is the largest licensor of Relativity in the world for hosting, earning “Best in Service” provider status. We also fully support several other hosting tools including our proprietary SaaS-based Epiq Discovery platform.

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200+ certified relativity administrators
450+ different file types handled
15TB+ global daily processing capacity
70TB+ processed per month
15 data centers across 12 countries
thousands of projects per month

eDiscovery Processing Services

Epiq delivers the strength and support to process and host data for any sized legal matter, from the largest, most complex collections of electronic legal evidence to the Express service for small, simple data volumes. Our industry-leading technology, paired with 15 international data centers enables us to scan and process terabytes of data daily.

Data Processing and Hosting:

Every project is different and comes with its own needs and requirements. With the most experience in the industry, Epiq Project Managers guide our clients through every processing step. Making the correct decisions at the onset largely contributes to the downstream success of a project, including processing settings, general filtering criteria, and nuances related to each data set. By working with Epiq Project Managers, clients know they are getting the advice and information needed to keep their projects on the proper course. 

  • Processing begins with extraction of item-level records from compressed formats such as email archives, zip files, and forensic images. Our proprietary processing platforms can handle 450+ different files types, including email, business application files, instant messages, chat, wikis, Microsoft Office, audio, video, and drawing/CAD. 
  • Project managers (PMs) work with clients to ensure their processing specifications are set properly, including associating data sets with their custodians to ensure proper tracking of the data, time zone to normalization, handling of password protected items, deduplication settings and any special requirements.
  • Each item’s metadata (e.g. date created, sender, subject) is indexed and can then be utilized for culling, or reducing the population of records. Examples of culling executed during the processing phase can include date filters, file type exclusion, and deduplication. Epiq employs standard operating procedures (SOPs) that have been successfully tested and vetted for defensibility and accuracy to help guide our clients through this stage. 
  • During the processing phase, Epiq’s proprietary technology can perform language recognition and translation, including CJK language data.
  • Epiq’s service delivery teams work closely together to plan for, provide, and adhere to detailed timing estimates so clients can plan accordingly. 
  • PMs provide outcome reporting at each processing phase for transparency, validation, and further planning purposes. 
  • Clients have dashboard-driven access to a holistic picture of data flow, including the stage in which the data resides, where each data source has been, the data and custodians included in the current data set, data size and document count. The dashboard is review platform agnostic, providing review and production metrics.
  • For smaller data volumes that meet certain criteria, Epiq is able to utilize an “Express” service offering to process and load data into the hosting platform on an expedited basis.
  • Hosting is powered by global data centers and backed by round-the-clock, state-of-the-art security. Epiq has data centers in 12 different countries, ensuring compliance with cross-border data requirements.

We Take Data Security Seriously

We understand that the security and privacy of our clients’ information is paramount. That’s why we’ve invested in a layered and robust set of security controls and technology to protect your data. We are also committed to a culture of security mindfulness. All employees routinely undergo cybersecurity trainings to ensure that safeguarding information is a core practice in all that we do. Simply put, we believe that cyber security vigilance is all of our responsibility.

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