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Epiq Bankruptcy Analytics

Epiq Bankruptcy provides unlimited access to filing information, updated daily across 93 U.S. bankruptcy courts back to 2007, with user-defined trends and comparisons by geography, time periods and other key factors. 

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"Epiq Bankruptcy Analytics has exceeded our expectations, earning a well-deserved five-star rating from us. It's not just a tool; it's a game-changer in the realm of bankruptcy analytics."

Heather Pickett, Founder & CEO 
Propel Paralegal Services

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Get on-demand access to daily updated bankruptcy data to help drive you business forward

Explore all Four Dashboards

Bankruptcy Filings


New and historical bankruptcy filings or adversarial proceeding metrics updated daily. 

Open Cases

Open Cases

Current and historical open case metrics across states, courts, and chapters. 

Closed cases

Closed Cases

Duration and count disposition metrics for discharged, dismissed, and closed cases. 

Bankruptcy Stakeholders


Current and historical assignments and case durations by disposition for attorneys, firms, trustees, and judges across all chapters. 

Epiq Bankruptcy Analytics Brochure

Bankruptcy intelligence for forecasting, capacity planning, marketing decisions and more used by law firms, lenders, investors, servicers and all individuals with vested interest in the bankruptcy market.

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Epiq Bankruptcy Analytics Handout

Easy-to-use interface consolidating bankruptcy filings, updated daily with metrics from multiple sources.

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Powerful insights to gain a competitive advantage and make better decisions to grow your business

Get on-demand access to daily updated bankruptcy data to help drive you business forward