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eDiscovery Services for Today’s Business Climate

In today’s fast-moving business environment, data volumes and sources are multiplying exponentially, increasing eDiscovery demands on law firms and corporate legal teams.

The volume and complexity of data stored and processed by today's companies has reached levels never seen before. Unstructured data is coming from unconventional sources, as more technology tools than ever are generating digital information that could prove pivotal to the resolution of a case. This has made the eDiscovery phase of an investigation or litigation matter more difficult to carry out effectively.

At the same time, creating eDiscovery and digital litigation capabilities can be a profit center and differentiator for law firms, and implementing up-to-date processes in a corporate legal department can limit risk in internal investigations and compliance matters. Now is the time to identify future-proofed eDiscovery capabilities that match your requirements and determine whether to stand these new capabilities up in-house or in collaboration with an expert partner.

Working with an alternative legal services partner is one way to transform your eDiscovery capabilities with a manageable, predictable cost structure, a cutting-edge global perspective, the ability to scale quickly when needed, and support from top minds in the field. Success in this area means simplified solutions to complex legal issues, paired with the peace of mind that can only come from applying the right people, technologies and processes. This is where Epiq can help.

Epiq eDiscovery Services to Help the Legal Function Evolve

Your organization's eDiscovery capabilities are free to grow and develop in helpful ways when you have the right assistance. Epiq can become your trusted advisor through the entire eDiscovery process, delivering in multiple areas to take the pressure out of data-intensive investigative and litigation matters.

The right technologies for modern eDiscovery

 When you partner with Epiq, you benefit from our expertise and experience with the largest variety of eDiscovery technologies, including well known and established platforms such as Brainspace®, Reveal NexLP®, and Relativity®, newer SaaS-based cloud technologies, and emerging technologies for very specific use cases. We are technology agnostic, meaning our recommendations are based on what will work best for your team and specific matter. 

Experience in complex legal matters

Resolving an investigation in a timely and satisfactory manner is about much more than having the right technology. By partnering with Epiq's expert team, you can also receive strategic advice and assistance. We have experience with the full spectrum of litigation matters across every geography, including internal investigations, cross border litigation, antitrust & competition matters, and government investigations. 

A diversified, global background

When you work with the Epiq team, you gain access to localized expertise spread around the world. These personnel work from a single coordinated playbook but bring deep knowledge of legal processes and requirements in their territories, enabling your organization to take a confident approach to litigation, no matter where the matter is being tried or the location of the relevant data.

A customized partnership to suit your needs

To handle the complexity and sheer scale of modern legal matters, your law department should only partner with experts bringing best-in-class, documented and legally defensible practices to the table. Epiq's team not only delivers this expertise, they tailor each engagement to the exact needs of the client. Whatever matters are most important to your organization and whichever local or industry regulations are most pertinent, your partnership will reflect those factors.

Get help with a single matter, or build a complete eDiscovery Center of Excellence

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An ability to scale quickly when needed

Whether you need a little bit of assistance, or a team of thousands, Epiq has the size and ability to help you scale up to meet quick turn regulatory demands. Our technology expertise can also help you scale down the actual requirements. This includes using our Case Insights program to understand the key facts of a case before deciding whether to move forward or to settle, or working with our experts to use AI-based technology to significantly reduce your data set that needs to be reviewed. 

Contact us for a proposal that suits your eDiscovery, litigation and investigation needs. Transform your eDiscovery department from a cost center to a value center and future-proof the way this function operates for you.

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