Case Insights
Early Case Assessment

Turn eDiscovery on Its Head.

Start with the answers. Case Insights experts answer your pressing questions at the outset of the matter so you can make informed decisions about case strategy.

The first questions anyone asks when faced with a new matter are: “What is the validity of the claim? How should we approach this? Do I have what I need to support my case?”

Our Case Insights data analytics experts answer those questions before the review team looks at a single document. They deliver comprehensive reports with critical facts, hot documents, and communication patterns to help inform tactical case decisions. In addition to case knowledge, the analysts identify clearly-non-relevant tranches of documents. We cull these from the review set, reducing the document population and related hosting and review costs.

1 week for report delivery
10-50% data reduction
hot docs identified

Want to leverage this expertise even more? Transfer that knowledge to your review team. Leveraging the matter intelligence acquired during ECA, Case Insights Consultants can work with Epiq Review Managers to design custom document review workflows. This collaboration expedites eDiscovery document review and delivers significant savings

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