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Hospitality & Concierge Services

Make a strong first impression on clients and visitors alike.

The front office often contributes to the first impression of your firm for both clients’ and visitors’ alike and at Epiq, we understand important that first impression can be. It is essential that the experience feels polished and professional. Epiq ensures the engagements are elevated and leave a positive first impression on your guests. 

Our team of hospitality and reception experts are trained to anticipate client and guest needs in order to ensure they receive premier attention and service.​


Anticipatory & Tailored Concierge Services​


Elevated & Curated Visitor Experience

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Elevated Break Room Services​


Refreshments​ & Snacks​​


Empowering Onsite Ambassador Program​

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Accountable & Productive Tech-Enabled Solutions​

How will your office benefit from Epiq’s hospitality and concierge services?​

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Enhanced Client Experience​

A team of polished, professional, and white glove front-of-the-house experts ensures that clients and visitors receive a warm welcome and expert assistance. This enhances the overall visitor experience, leaving a lasting positive impression.


Tailored Services for Specific Needs ​

Our focus on training ensures that staff can anticipate and meet client and visitor expectations effectively. Whether it's accommodating special requests, providing extra assistance, or customizing meeting arrangements, the attention to detail reinforces the commitment to exceptional service.​


Consistent Standard of Excellence​

Every client location upholds the same elevated standard of service provided by dedicated and trained professionals. This guarantees a consistent and unified client experience across all locations, where visitors receive personalized care regardless of location they visit.​

Epiq Experience

We empower our teams through hospitality training that draws from some of the most recognizable names in elevated customer service. But what sets us apart is our commitment to delivering superior service in the back office as well.

Epiq Expertise

We enable our clients to pivot and recalibrate to ever-changing market trends. By adopting transformative digital solutions, organizations are equipped to set the industry standard for years to come. Whether an organization’s corporate strategy is built on a foundation of technology or the utilization of best-in-class talent, our expert consulting team will introduce best practices to clients and identify the most impactful opportunities to reduce costs and improve efficiencies within their current operations.

Why choose Epiq as your business transformation partner?

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