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Epiq Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy services with exceptional data and technology  for your business' needs.

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About Epiq Bankruptcy

Epiq Bankruptcy is the largest provider of U.S. bankruptcy court data, technology and services and a trusted partner to lenders, servicers, trustees, attorneys, investors, and other stakeholders operating in the business of bankruptcy.  Epiq Bankruptcy solutions include comprehensive corporate restructuring, trustee case management and access to the industry’s most dynamic bankruptcy data and analytics.
With the most comprehensive bankruptcy dataset and advanced technology to automate manual tasks and customize operations workflows, Epiq Bankruptcy provides integrated solutions for its customers’ systems of record. With more than 50 years of experience across all markets, chapters and credit types, Epiq Bankruptcy has earned its position as the most trusted partner in the bankruptcy market.

Solutions for All Your Bankruptcy Needs

Epiq delivers comprehensive solutions for companies operating in the business on bankruptcy.

Epiq Bankruptcy Analytics

Self-Service Bankruptcy Data and Insights
The first bankruptcy market analytics platform with daily updates and insight from the industry’s most comprehensive filing data. Get unlimited access to filing information, updated daily across 93 U.S. bankruptcy courts back to 2007, with user-defined trends and comparisons by geography, time periods and other key factors to know where the bankruptcy market is headed. Learn more about Epiq Bankruptcy Analytics.


Bankruptcy Information Services Platform
Leverage Epiq AACER’s bankruptcy and adversary proceedings database to support critical business decisions about bankruptcies in your credit portfolios. The AACER platform houses more than 36 million cases, including every electronically filed bankruptcy case for all chapters. Be notified automatically of any new debtor filings and case updates across all secured and unsecured assets. Learn more about AACER.

Epiq Case Power

Bankruptcy Case Management System
Epiq Case Power has been helping trustees with bankruptcy case administration for over 50 years, improving workflow efficiencies and increasing cost savings while managing debtor payments, creditor disbursements, notice distributions and government reporting. Learn more about Epiq Case Power.

Epiq Notify

Print & Mail Outsourcing
Epiq Notify provides an efficient way to get your documents uploaded, printed and mailed through online access to our state-of-the-art facilities that handle millions of mailings daily. With batch file uploads and other self-service features, what used to take hours our days is now just a few clicks away. Learn more about Epiq Notify.

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Epiq is the global leader in technology-enabled legal services, corporate restructuring, cyber security and business transformation solutions.

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