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Epiq’s global digital forensics and collections team can ensure your organization’s data is preserved and collected quickly, securely, and defensibly

Each legal case or matter has its own unique objectives and goals. At Epiq, we have the knowledge and experience to construct custom processes to fit the specific needs of client projects. Our teams know the common issues faced by clients and will identify and fortify any vulnerable areas in your organization’s case. Handling hundreds of state and federal litigation cases each year, our forensic experts work with proven, advanced technologies in order to set the standard for a methodical and defensible approach to forensic analysis and data collection. Our forensic examiners hold a variety of certifications, including CCE, CHFI, and EnCE, and can perform onsite or remote collections anywhere in the world. All collected data is preserved in a forensically sound manner from the beginning of our process to insure it is defensible during future litigation and/or regulatory proceedings. 

Epiq’s team of professionals is experienced in collecting, preserving, and analyzing data from numerous sources.  Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, structured and non-structured data sources – Epiq has you covered.  Despite their varying native formats, our forensic software can parse many sources of information found on mobile devices into a readable report, and our custom designed and proprietary tools can render this data into a format suitable for processing, hosting and review in the review tool of your choice. Even when certain data can be difficult to find, our team can locate it and help you make sense of it.  We can then provide expert level testimony concerning events, and data surrounding those events that can help you win your case or protect your or your clients’ reputations. Our processes follow industry best practices - we don’t miss a thing.

Epiq Service

Computer forensic analysis: Whether analysis of your organization’s data or review of an opponent’s data, our expert analysts use an array of data analytics tools to help you avoid surprises and stay informed.

Computer forensic consulting: Take advantage of Epiq’s years of experience and expertise.  Whether providing minor assistance or completely taking over a data collection project, our expert consultants can help you with your most difficult cases and challenges.  Avoid mistakes and damaging decisions with far reaching consequences – leverage Epiq’s expertise early in your matter to strategize and insure successful outcomes, from evidence preservation and collection all the way up through forensic analysis and testimony at trial. 

Data acquisition:  Epiq data acquisition experts have extensive experience planning and executing successful preservation and collection of large and complex data sets. Effectively, 65% of our work is spent collecting client data for further processing, hosting, analysis & attorney review. Our international offices have the capability to collect data while addressing GDPR privacy concerns, export law requirements, and other cross-border considerations.

Expert testimony: Our experts are experienced at working closely with litigation teams and in preparing the results of analysis for proper presentation to a judge and/or jury and defending our work during depositions. In addition to filing hundreds of affidavits and declarations and serving as court appointed special masters, Epiq forensic experts have collectively testified hundreds of times in court and at arbitrations and other quasi-judicial proceedings, which has supplied our team with the practical expertise to effectively service your firm and/or company.

Technical deposition consulting: Epiq has extensive experience in assisting with the execution of technical depositions of opposing witnesses and experts. Subtle differences in technical terms, semantics, understanding the relevant technology, and interpreting the results of computer forensic analysis all contribute to effective technical depositions.

Enterprise archive and legacy media: Epiq experts excel at crafting the proper forensic protocols for dealing with even the most difficult data sets across all media and computing devices. Our team supports data collection and analysis for over 10,000 mobile devices across all products.

Call your Epiq sales representative today to begin experiencing the Epiq difference.  Quality from the start with a tenacious devotion to client service.  Instead of thinking of Epiq as a vendor of services, ask to discuss your matter with a forensics expert so that we can begin, as partners, down the road to your success.

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