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Antitrust and Competition

Assure defensible and timely compliance with discovery requests by government regulators and adverse parties on high-profile antitrust matters.

Quickly and accurately produce data using defensible discovery strategies.

Partner with professionals who are part of a dedicated Antitrust and Competition Practice Group, with significant technical and substantive antitrust experience, and who understand recent and evolving regulatory requirements.

Work with the most experienced and successful dedicated antitrust discovery team servicing the global market for:

Key Features

  • Timely compliance with government and case discovery deadlines.
  • Data collection by forensics professionals who understand global data privacy requirements.
  • Surface relevant data quickly using AI-based workflows.
  • Advanced analytics workflows approved by government regulators and accepted by private parties.
  • Privilege log review and creation that complies with government and local jurisdiction requirements.
  • Legal defensibility utilizing tested processes and expert support.


Merger Reviews


Litigation Matters

Work with a dedicated team with recent and extensive experience with global regulators.

Women in Antitrust

Global Antitrust Insights

Dive into our global webinar series to learn from industry-leading women at Epiq.

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