Information Governance

Govern Your Information 

Epiq provides a broad range of consultative and administrative information governance experience and services paired with smart technologies, which help organizations plan, execute, and manage information governance strategies.

Information governance (IG) is a cross-disciplinary program for managing an organization’s data and information in a comprehensive and unified fashion. IG is not a product or a single service or solution. It is an initiative, an ongoing effort to manage information from multiple perspectives with multiple objectives.

Whether your organization is just beginning to think about information governance or has a mature program, Epiq can help with their extensive services.

Cloud migration

Many organizations are moving their data/information to the cloud. But in most cases, customers lack the tools or know-how to migrate to the cloud. This is unsettling when you consider that by 2022 more than $1.3 trillion in IT spending will be directly or indirectly affected by the shift to the cloud according to Gartner. Additionally, organizations have redundant tools for archiving, retention, and eDiscovery. Epiq has developed strategies to move data to the cloud, using legally defensible methodology. 

Another critical issue that arises is whether, and how, to migrate accumulated information to the cloud. Epiq brings substantial technical and process expertise to aid organizations in determining what information to migrate and the most efficient processes to complete the task.

Records management and retention policies

Knowing where your company’s inactive records are stored is a necessary, but inconvenient practice for any business. Epiq handles this process of records management for you with deep experience and technological efficiencies so that you can focus on running your business.

A record management system means easier access

With an organized system for storing your records, you know exactly where to find the important information you need. We can help arrange and simplify your records system to strengthen the defensibility of your organization.

Secure records storage at cost that make business sense

Whether paper or digital, we can find the most secure and cost-effective way to store your records. We can reduce the amount of paper, digitize old records, and save you space while keeping your records safe.

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