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Key partners: WorkFusion

Simplify KYC and KYS Processes with Epiq and WorkFusion

Transform your anti-money laundering (AML) compliance process to achieve KYC and KYS with WorkFusion tools implemented by an experienced partner.


Today’s financial institutions are experiencing pressure to maintain detailed, ongoing records for anti-money laundering regulatory compliance, but the volume of adverse media alerts makes keeping up impossible.

Transform your KYC and KYS process with WorkFusion tools implemented by an experienced partner. Through our partnership, Epiq supports AML and compliance efforts to protect your organization’s reputation. WorkFusion Evelyn quickly delivers expert adverse media alert screening and analysis, enabling compliance teams to evaluate true potential risk faster and more accurately.

Financial institutions leveraging Epiq and Evelyn achieve savings on adverse media monitoring, increase process efficiency, and reduce AML regulatory risk.

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Key advantages of adverse media monitoring with Epiq.


Faster onboarding and simplified access to WorkFusion directly through the Epiq Service Cloud.


Expert support through Epiq services delivered across adverse media monitoring and alert analysis workflows.


Implementation assistance, including creation of global playbook and data management options.


Enhanced visibility and regulatory compliance through harmonized internal strategies and processes for AMM and escalating alerts.


Cost savings via automating high-volume, repetitive tasks, by matter or on an ongoing basis.


Decreased counterparty risk through expedited adjudication of adverse media alerts