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Payments made easy

Epiq Eases the Common Headaches of Payments and Payables for Continuing and Ad-Hoc Projects

Making sure your employees, vendors, clients, and customers are paid accurately, securely, and on-time can be an overwhelming challenge. We have the expertise to take these tasks off your plate, keeping your costs to a minimum and freeing up your staff to focus on other initiatives.

We also have a way you could earn money back on your current payments, depending on your needs.

Digital Payments


The overwhelming majority of your employees and vendors have come to depend on the speed and convenience of having their funds directly deposited into their bank accounts. Using an Automated Clearing House network makes that an easy process for you and for them.

But setting it up and managing it can be time-consuming and costly. We can help. Epiq is a leader in the digital payment space because of our decades of experience paying individuals and other parties as a class action claims administrator. We take this knowledge and tailor it for your organization’s needs.


Do you need to quickly make one-time or occasional payments to multiple individuals or organizations?

Meet EpiqPay, our proprietary platform that offers an easy, convenient, fast, and secure way to distribute payments. It was created to help members of class action lawsuits receive their settlement payouts quickly and efficiently. Its design, however, can be custom-tailored to any organization’s needs and costs less than traditional payment methods, such as checks.

Check Optimization

If you’re already using Epiq to print your checks, you can earn cash rebates by converting paper checks to virtual credit cards or other digital payment forms.

It’s an easy way to begin the process of transitioning from print to digital, without the hassle and expense of establishing the framework yourself. Plus, your existing payment process, technologies, and partners remain in place.

“Product flexibility. Willingness/ability to customize. Attentive support team.”
– Check Optimization client

Paper Checks

No matter what effort you put into modernizing electronic payments, there is still a high demand for paper checks. But for you to process thousands of payments each month can be overwhelming.

While Epiq has been and continues to be on the cutting edge of delivering digital-based payments, such as our proprietary platform, EpiqPay, we continue to invest in print and mail services.

We print and mail millions of documents each month from our high-volume, secure, in-house print facility. Our skilled design team can easily customize volumes of documents and data, and you can benefit from postage discounts because of our high volume.

Annually, Epiq delivers an average of:

$78 billion value disbursed
558 million images printed
155 million pieces mailed
41 million payments disbursed analyzed
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David Callahan
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