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Epiq’s data analytics and reduction experts can increase the speed, reduce the risk, lower the costs and improve the quality of discovery.

There is a story in every set of data. Finding that story for today’s legal matters can be more challenging than finding a needle in a haystack. A discovery team’s ability to quickly uncover the true story of a matter before legal proceedings start, and to cost effectively assess and produce relevant data to opposing counsel in a legally defensible way, hinges on that team’s legal and data expertise, tools, and processes. 

The discovery team that can effectively analyze and minimize data, while proactively providing insight for its litigation and investigation team counterparts will transition from a cost center role to that of a trusted advisor. At Epiq we have deep expertise, access to a plethora of advanced technology tools, and decades of experience working with data for legal matters. We can help your team master the complex discovery process, or we can complete the entire process for you.

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Epiq Services

Epiq's experts employ a combination of human expertise and advanced analytics-based tools to find the smoking gun (if there is one), and also to determine which documents are potentially relevant to a case, thus requiring review. With access to multiple technology tools, the Epiq team employs a consultative approach to recommend the solution that is best for the case. Epiq’s dedicated eDiscovery analytics consultants and analysts, with highly specialized expertise and billions of documents processed, can maximize the benefits of AI-based technology tools, thus delivering the best possible results. And with offices and data centers around the world, Epiq can provide these services to organizations anywhere, including in multi-jurisdictional cases.

Case Insights: Case Insights is a technology-enabled early case assessment and data investigation service. By combining human intelligence with artificial intelligence and extensive experience, Case Insights consultants and analysts identify key documents and patterns of conduct. Case teams can use this information to formulate case strategy and decisions.

Why not begin with an in-depth view into the content to foster favorable results and significant cost saving?

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Data Reduction and Organization: Epiq organizes data by grouping conversations and chats and grouping documents by textual and conceptual similarity. Experts can then leverage these groupings to further reduce and organize documents for review to improve productivity, consistency, and quality.

Review Prioritization: Once data is reduced and organized, Epiq experts employ active learning workflows to at a minimum prioritize review of the most likely relevant documents and at a maximum further reduce the documents for review. 

Sensitive Data Identification and Redaction: Prior to review and during review, analytics-driven workflows are deployed to improve the identification and protection of sensitive data related to privilege and privacy. We utilize automated redaction and privilege log generation technologies to support the protection of sensitive information in a streamlined and defensible way.

Cross-Matter Intelligence: When working with Epiq, you can harness previous work product and apply it to the matter at hand, reducing costs and increasing accuracy and consistency. Build your own library of machine learning models that you can use across matters or create a bank of privilege terms or utilize entity recognition technology.

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Flexible technology options

While Epiq will certainly have a point of view regarding which technology is the best for a specific use case, we understand that there are other factors that weigh into the decision of what applications to utilize. These factors can include a legal team’s prior experience with an application, whether there are existing analytics-driven technologies and methods that have already been applied, or even licensing and geographic considerations. When you partner with Epiq, you benefit from our expertise and experience with the largest variety of technologies. Our recommendations are based on what will work best for your team and specific matter. 

Global analytics technologies include Brainspace, Relativity, and Reveal NexLP for structured analytics, conceptual analytics, and active learning, as well as Veritone for audio/video review and transcription and Blackout for automated redactions.

To leverage these technologies and methods for your legal team's matters, or to begin a consulting engagement that will help you master them internally, reach out to Epiq's experts now.

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