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Epiq pioneered Managed Services in the eDiscovery space, and we continue to innovate ahead of our peers so we can serve as the perfect extension to your legal team.

With widespread cost containment initiatives due to COVID-19, eDiscovery teams can benefit from the increased price certainty, cost savings, and value associated with managed services. eDiscovery Managed Services (EMS) is a business partnership that allows leaders in corporations, government entities, and law firms to gain access to essential eDiscovery services, with the cost predictability and control they need, while eliminating the need to invest in standing up their own infrastructure. EMS provides teams with essential eDiscovery services backed by data security, proven workflows, access to premier AI-based analytics tools, essential administrative functions, and insightful reporting, all at a predictable monthly fee.

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Epiq is one of the largest eDiscovery service providers in the world and has more eDiscovery managed services clients than any other provider. Over the last 15+ years, Epiq has implemented physically and logically segregated environments for some of the world’s largest corporations and law firms, providing data processing and hosting, dedicated personnel, storage management, data collection, and managed review services.

100+ second requests
1PB of data
global footprint
technology-agnostic solutions
eDiscovery experts
dedicated implementation team

We are the leader in experience, size, and capabilities; however, we are not resting on our laurels and today are also the leader in providing the best-in-breed technology and AI offerings, helping our clients have world class capabilities without the hassle and expense of owning and managing it themselves.

Managed Services

Core Managed Services offering: Capacity-based eDiscovery partnership built around dedicated, multi-tenant (Arq), or a Cloud Relativity environment (including RelativityOne) and leveraging Epiq’s people, process, and technology experience. Includes a multi-year contract for active storage, users, analytics (Reveal NexLP & Brainspace, and Relativity), custom AI model curation and library, training, dedicated implementation team, and data migration.  Only pay for the technology licenses and services used.

Managed Services add-ons: Collections, data processing (self-service, Epiq processing), monthly bundled tech and project management time, managed review, contract analysis, Relativity Legal Hold, near-line/cold storage.

Managed Services for Microsoft 365 Advanced eDiscovery: With the prevalence of Microsoft 365 adoption, many organizations wish to increase their utilization of the Advanced eDiscovery capabilities available within Microsoft 365 but face time, resource and knowledge challenges. While these capabilities are powerful and effective, building defensible business processes requires a thoughtful approach and a comprehensive resourcing plan. With Epiq's Managed Services offering for Microsoft 365 Advanced eDiscovery, organizations gain assistance utilizing Microsoft's built in tools, and can also integrate with large scale eDiscovery ESI collection, processing, hosting, document review, and production platforms. Learn more.

Our experience becomes your experience, as you benefit from our consultative approach.

Application Support: Entire suite of offered software applications maintained, updated and supported by a dedicated team

Technical Services: Out-of-the-box, custom solutions delivered by Epiq IT, coding and scripting specialists

Solution Architect: Dedicated team of certified professionals to design custom workflows and leverage technology for each client’s custom need

Relativity Technology Team: Dedicated team with multi-tiered certifications to manage the largest relativity footprint in the world

Analytic Consultants: We are the best in the industry at leveraging AI across the entire eDiscovery lifecycle, including curation and building dedicated AI model libraries for individual clients

Client Services: Award winning project management worldwide

IT & Security: Epiq Managed Services’ IT and security departments at your disposal

Managed Services Implementation (MSI): Custom workflows designed, documented, trained, and implemented for each client

Access to technology that is the right fit for your organization

  • Reconcile, rationalize, and replace outdated, unsupported and/or inconsistent technology
  • Tap best in class technology through reduced cost, through our licensing
  • Retain direct administrative access to your data and workflows
  • Gain enhanced reporting and visibility: end to end across the EDRM and your litigation portfolio
  • Improve security through hardened and consistent infrastructure, data handling processes, and storage
  • Remove the burden of Capex spend
  • Gain instant benefits from typical processes used consistently across matters: Email threading, Near-duplicates, and many others
  • Leverage tools for more complex matters: Advanced early data assessment, Clustering, Categorization, Concepts, Privilege Identification, Communication Analysis, Predictive Coding, CAL/TAR 2.0, Early Case Assessment
  • Learn from the best including processes for gaining deeper AI benefits through the creation of bespoke AI model libraries based on past matters

We Take Data Security Seriously

We understand the security and privacy of our clients’ information is paramount. This is why we have invested in a detailed and robust set of security controls and technology to protect your data. We are also committed to a culture of security mindfulness. All Epiq employees routinely undergo cybersecurity trainings to ensure  safeguarding information is a core practice. Simply put, we believe that cyber security vigilance is all of our responsibility.

Epiq security controls and technology​


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