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As a participant in the high-tech sector, your organization has the ability to make a massive impact with its product and service offerings. With that level of engagement comes responsibilities in and out of the legal department — to comply with new regulations, to prepare for the possibility of litigation, to build efficiencies wherever possible. Epiq's team of industry experts can assist your business in reaching its goals, using a combination of technology, optimal processes and their own knowledge.

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There are many functions, roles and departments within the law department of a tech organization that can be meaningfully enhanced with the correct combination of processes and strategies. By delivering a customized set of capabilities to each client, Epiq creates the conditions for technology companies to thrive and innovate on their own terms.

The following are a few of our legal and overall business solutions that can make a difference in the technology sector.

Intellectual Property Protection

The intellectual property developed by a modern technology firm is the lifeblood of the company. Your organization needs access to experienced and knowledgeable legal personnel who can protect your patents, though adding this additional capacity can be a challenge when running a lean and efficient organization. 

This is one area where Epiq's experts can make an immediate impact, consulting on everyday matters of documentation and data retention or scaling up the team to aggressively defend your intellectual property through litigation. With years of legal knowledge and access to the latest efficiency-building legal analytics solutions, Epiq can deliver results without incurring budget strain.

Regulatory and Compliance

If your organization collects and stores personally identifiable data from consumers, it will have to comply with laws such as the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). The more widespread and global your targeted audience is, the greater the variety of laws you must monitor and respond to. Creating infrastructure that meets these stringent requirements becomes easier when you have access to Epiq's legal experts.

Class Action and Mass Tort

Today's technology tools can span the globe and reach millions of users. While positive from a business perspective, this high ceiling opens your company to new levels of liability and can increase the complexity of class action and mass tort settlements. Building up a vast legal team to address these matters can clash with a goal to stay as efficient and light as possible: Epiq can help, by delivering flexible legal solutions to provide comprehensive, transparent administrative support.

The Epiq approach to better management of settlements and litigation includes proprietary tech solutions in addition to strategic assistance and knowledge. Through the Client Portal and Mass Tort Dashboard, you can access up-to-date data on the progress and resolution of any case in progress. Whether you're viewing data or uploading your own content, this tech tool is secure and user-friendly. By moving administrative matters to the Epiq team and our tech solutions, you can stay focused on resolving the case in a satisfactory way.

Business Transformation Solutions

Outside of legal services, Epiq's experts can deliver additional capabilities without putting unnecessary strain on your budget or ability to maintain a light, lean organizational structure. This encompasses records management and data governance solutions to ensure your company stays in compliance as it grows and accelerates, alongside off-site and outsourced assistance with essential matters such as call center and help desk support. The exact mixture of tech-enabled and experience-driven solutions depends on your needs.

Mergers and Acquisitions

The legal due diligence in preparation for M&A activity — or a bankruptcy or restructuring proceeding — is another duty that can go more smoothly with the assistance of Epiq's team and technology. Aiming for good outcomes from these processes is easier when legal experts are always at your beckon call, with knowledge and expertise spanning the globe. You don't need a large and expensive in-house legal team to navigate large-scale organizational restructuring when working with Epiq.


If you're ready to enhance your capabilities in and out of the legal department, as part of a customized strategy that doesn't stretch your budget, reach out.

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