Epiq helps eliminate inadvertent data spoliation while reducing personnel legal hold preservation costs

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client need

Improve personnel data preservation practices to reduce costs and eliminate spoliation risk

The client's corporate legal team did not have the technical resources to manage preservation and so relied on the corporate IT team. The IT team, however, was not familiar with legal eDiscovery requirements, risks associated with this data, nor proper practices for removing systematic preservation at the end of the legal hold’s lifecycle. Consequently, personnel preservations were routinely done incorrectly, resulting in unnecessary risks and costs.

why Epiq?

The client felt Epiq’s strong combination of eDiscovery and information governance expertise could bridge the gap between the client’s legal and IT teams.

Epiq solution

Preservation assessment and gap analysis utilized to improve practices and lower costs

Epiq worked with the client’s legal and IT teams to perform a preservation assessment identifying multiple risks with the current processes and tools. The client utilized this gap analysis to automate their preservation efforts, which significantly reduced their time and cost spent on preservation.

The refined process utilizes best practices and ensures all custodian’s data is preserved in place from the moment they have a hold obligation to the close of the case, significantly reducing the risk of spoliation.

result and benefits

client quote

“Epiq helped our legal and IT teams come to a common understanding of how technology lifecycle changes affect legal preservation obligations. We were able to mitigate risks and inadvertent spoliation of data.”

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