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Bankruptcy Services

Get in Touch with Epiq Bankruptcy and get answers to your questions and find out how our offerings can help your business.

Outsource Data Scrubs & Special Projects

Bankruptcy Data Scrubs or Special Data Projects leverage Epiq AACER’s deep dataset of historical and daily updated bankruptcy information for a vast variety of ad-hoc use cases. Projects include acquisitions, dispositions, audits, data true-ups, remediations and more.

  • Reduce risk by revealing the bankruptcy volume of a proposed new credit portfolio.
  • Improve the speed to identify and on-board bankruptcies within a new credit portfolio. 
  • Identify and eliminate discrepancies between servicing systems and filed bankruptcy records.

Outsourced Bankruptcy Data

Extract Data

Extract Document Data | Premium Data Services

Epiq AACER’s Premium Data service automatically identifies and provisions key court documents, extracts targeted information and organizes the data for review or ingestion into servicing systems.  

  • Eliminate manual processes to identify and provision information from multiple documents
  • Enable data automation and workflows to open, review, copy and compare requirements
  • Increase accuracy of information between servicing systems and court filed documents

Identify New Bankruptcies

Identify New Bankruptcy Cases With Greater Certainty. Epiq AACER performs a nightly search of all U.S. bankruptcy courts and notifies you of any matches within your credit portfolios.

  • Eliminate manual processes for identifying new U.S. bankruptcy cases in your credit portfolio
  • Confidence scoring to quickly sort matched criteria
  • Proactively organize new commercial and individual filings by using specific data elements to identify and acknowledge the new bankruptcies

Identify New Bankruptcies

Monitor Existing Bankruptcies

Monitor Existing Bankruptcies

From the opening of a new bankruptcy case through its closure, Docket Monitoring automatically identifies the docket changes enabling fast response for critical events.

  • Eliminate manual lookups with proactive key docket event change notifications.
  • Enables more efficient work output with configurable queues and consistent workflows.
  • Enables fast and efficient transitioning throughout the case with seamless case search and document retrieval integration.
  • Supports secured, unsecured, small and large portfolios that improves the productivity of all enterprises sizes.
  • Ensures regulatory compliance and reduces risk with complete, accurate and timely information.

Eliminate Mail Rooms

Simplify the bankruptcy noticing delivery process. With Electronic Bankruptcy Noticing (EBN), you can count on the reliable, secure, delivery of bankruptcy notices electronically. For each notice received, Epiq AACER parses the data, summarizes the daily results, and reports to the client through the AACER portal. Within the AACER portal, users may access the summary and image filed within the U.S. Bankruptcy Courts with a single click.

  • Eliminate the need for mail rooms and increases reliability and security
  • Seamlessly parse data, and summarize daily results and reports through the portal
  • Easily compare notices to identify any gaps

Eliminate Mailrooms

Improve Cash Application

Improve Cash Application 

AACER’s Cashiering™ solution obtains Trustee payment disbursement details from the National Data Center (NDC) and matches them to your loan portfolio, thus eliminating errors from manual processing, as well as reducing the cost and risk associated with the misapplication of Trustee payments. 

  • Auto-match payments from the National Data Center to your loan portfolio and eliminate manual identification
  • Eliminate errors from manual payment processing, cost, and risk associated with the misapplication of Trustee payments
  • Assist in the identification to quickly and accurately apply payments to correct loans, even when there are multiple filers within the Trustee payment.

Get in Touch with Epiq Bankruptcy and get answers to your questions and find out how our services offerings can help your business.