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Filer Match
& Notify

Identify New Bankruptcies

Nightly Searches

Provide AACER your debtor portfolio with all asset types. After nightly searching all U.S. Bankruptcy Courts for new filers, AACER matches them against your debtor portfolio. The new filer results are available within a queue in the AACER platform to review and approve, are sent by SFTP directly into your servicing system or third-party application, or other. 

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Bankruptcy Filer Information and Confidence Score

Filer Matches and Confidence Score

Searches can be by full or last four Social Security number, case number, loan number or name. 

AACER includes a proprietary "Confidence Score" in the returned results that communicates the match-confidence level to each filer.

Notification Queues

New filer matches can be loaded into notification queues and distributed, allowing users to review and approve new cases directly within the AACER platform. Approved new cases can then be setup in servicing systems or other third-party applications.

AACER queues provide users a way to proactively organize new commercial and individual filings by using specific data elements such as Confidence Score, date filed, or chapter to identify and acknowledge the new bankruptcies. Supervisors can configure queues, monitor user progress and, if necessary, quickly reallocate workloads.

Bankruptcy Notification Queues

How it Works

Filer, Match, and Notify Process

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