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Bankruptcy Data

Get in Touch with Epiq Bankruptcy and get answers to your questions and find out how our offerings can help your business.

Bankruptcy Data - Line and bar graphs

Insight to Keep You Ahead of the Bankruptcy Curve

Lenders, servicers, law firms, investors, collections agencies, media and more depend on accurate data to do their jobs. Knowing which companies and individuals have filed new bankruptcies, what updates have been made to open cases, when a case has closed or reopened is meaningful to business objectives.

  • Get notified daily of new individual and commercial filings
  • Receive updates on active cases
  • Conduct open and closed case research and data scrubs
  • Capitalize on the more efficient PACER replacement

Metrics to Make You More Informed and Competitive 

Comprehensive data about case durations, types, chapters, regions, stakeholders and more enables better resource planning, financial forecasting, marketing decisions and competitive analysis. Gain the advantage for your business with access to more than 37 million cases, from last month to as far back as the 1960s.

  • Generate data for forecasting models and reports
  • Gain competitive insights for sales and marketing
  • Reduce administrative costs  
  • Fine-tune capacity planning

Pie chart with data missing

Technology to Convert Unstructured to Structured Data

It's like sifting through sand for a single grain of gold, sorting through a mountain of unstructured data to find just the nuggets you need. Stop spending hours opening document after document, searching fields and extracting data, and reclaim more of your time. 

  • Turn fields in filed documents into structured formats
  • Eliminate time spent reopening files to locate
    and extract data 
  • Decrease expenses for compliance reviews  
  • Reduce risk related to audits and validations

Data to Data illustration

Epiq Bankruptcy in the Cloud

Multiple Access Points and Delivery Options

Log into the AACER platform or Epiq Bankruptcy Analytics for complete access to the most accurate and timely data from a single partner. Or obtain scheduled delivery of just the information you need with custom data buys, data scrubs, special projects and Premium Data Services. 

  • Monitor, analyze, and track data from multiple sources through a single partner
  • Easy-to-use dashboards with real-time data visualization and historical analysis
  • Extract data from filed documents with unparalleled precision 
  • Receive daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly file transfers

Get in Touch with Epiq Bankruptcy and get answers to your questions and find out how our offerings can help your business.