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Case Study: Global Pharmaceutical Company Reduces Discovery Costs With Dual-Shore Review Teams​

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A global pharmaceutical company


United States

Client need

The client needed to balance costs with the need for highly skilled reviewers for a complex Hatch-Waxman Patent Multi-District Litigation (MDL) matter.

Client solution

The client leveraged the strengths of Epiq’s U.S. and India teams through a hybrid, multi-workflow review model that generated significant cost savings while funneling highly technical data to a review team specializing in pharmaceutical R&D and patent infringement issues.

Epiq worked closely with outside counsel to assess subject matter, data volumes, and deadlines across multiple MDL parties. Epiq then assembled a U.S. technical team with advanced science degrees and U.S. Patent and Trade Office (USPTO) members with extensive pharmaceutical review experience. The First Level Review and initial Quality Control (QC) were performed by the larger India team and completed ahead of schedule. Data sets expected to contain highly technical data (e.g., lab notebooks, inventor custodians, potential patent privilege) were directly routed to the U.S. technical team for First Level Review and final QC, and the India review team could directly escalate individual documents to that team as needed. Review oversight was managed by Epiq’s Pharma Practice Group.

Why Epiq

The client was drawn to Epiq’s dedicated Pharma Practice Group’s reputation for high quality review management and competitive pricing model. Epiq’s proposal for a dual-shore review utilizing U.S. and India resources, taking into account the anticipated highly technical subject matter, gave them the reassurance that they could rely on us to deliver both cost efficiencies and quality review results.

Results and Benefits


Documents reviewed by the India team


Documents containing technical data reviewed by the U.S. team


Cost savings (compared to a U.S.-only review)