Legal Spend

Use Legal Spend Analytics to Know Where to Save

Visibility and Insights that Drive Action

Nearly every legal department has savings hidden in their spend, particularly within litigation. Our experts create a clear line of sight into what is spent and how by identifying both immediate and long-term savings opportunities. We help prioritize which opportunities to act on first, build an informed business case for leadership, and establish baseline KPIs to track your success.

Library of Spend Savings Strategies

To build a repeatable process, Epiq has created a library of 35+ top legal spend management strategies drawn from discovery, information governance, contracts, and legal operations. Each of these can decrease your costs, reduce risk, and help your corporate legal department better position itself for future growth. Implementing just the top seven cost savings strategies related to discovery can reduce the total cost of ownership of discovery by 15–30%.  Our consultants adapt these best practices to the specific profile of your legal department and build a customized strategy that optimizes value in the context of the business you serve.

Legal Spend Management and Analytics

With 50–60% of outside counsel spend focused on litigation, and 25–30% of litigation spend being related to discovery costs, significant saving opportunities are often found in this spend. We expand on traditional spend analysis by applying data science to your litigation data, so we can pinpoint cost savings opportunities in:

  • Traditional litigation support, including document production and hosting.
  • Advanced discovery spending, such as pre-deposition support or witness kits.
  • Alternative delivery models, including insourced and flexible support models.

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