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Case Study: Fortune 500 Retailer Saves Hundreds of Hours of Manual Reporting, Gains New Insights from Data

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Fortune 500 Home Improvement Retailer


US, Canada, and Mexico

Client need

The client needed to streamline and standardize reports generated by Mitratech TeamConnect, their eBilling system, for an annual presentation to key law firms. They aimed to create a comprehensive data-driven report, offering insights into their relationships with these law firms.

Client solution

By consolidating two years of data from the client’s eBilling platform and enriching it with Epiq’s proprietary spend analytics AI models, new insights were derived from the data. The client now has access to dashboards highlighting metrics to gain a real-time understanding of the outside counsel spend and gaps in their communications. With these accessible metrics and dashboards, the client created more substantial reports and communication with their corporate legal department and external law firms.

Why Epiq

Epiq delivers data science driven legal spend analysis. Our proprietary models are trained by experts and used by those same experts to analyze data, develop deeper insights, and help our clients gain visibility into their spend. With Epiq’s support, the client was able to pinpoint specific areas of improvement to its outside counsel, which resulted in more impactful annual business reviews.

Results and Benefits


million of legal spend analyzed


outside law firms analyzed


custom dashboards configured to support the yearly law firm partnership review meetings


hours manual reporting time eliminated