Data Security

Our world-class architecture and redundant equipment offer high-capacity, scalable capabilities. With Epiq managing your data, you can rest assured it is secure. Key elements of our security include:

  • Secure management of electronically stored information, protecting claimants’ rights and critical information
  • 24/7/365 endpoint security monitoring
  • Full-time professionally certified information security team
  • Highly secure geographically dispersed data centers that reduce your risk exposure

Epiq maintains a multi-layered security program focused on protecting the information assets of both our clients and our corporate organization. At the perimeter of the network, we incorporate IPS technology with application and network firewalls to provide comprehensive protection from external attackers. Within the organization, a combination of network practices, IDS technology, comprehensive anti-malware solutions and DLP technologies ensure fine grain control over all data entrusted to us. Watching over the entire infrastructure, a robust SEIM deployment with proven enforcement technology ensures we are able to both detect and defeat most attack vectors in use today. 

We maintain a full-time staff of certified information security professionals to manage our security program. Regular audits and risk assessments are combined with an advanced intelligence network to assess the organizational risk and our ability to meet emerging threats in the information security space. Beyond the traditional information security perimeter, we also maintain a healthy user awareness program, including formal training, informational articles and regular user engagement, so that every Epiq associate is part of the information security solution.

Security is a critical priority for us. We take a holistic approach to operational risk by ensuring data security on multiple levels and offering highly secure data hosting for cases anywhere in the world.




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