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Legal Ops Teams Targeted For Layoffs Amid Cost-Cutting Efforts

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While legal operations functions have gained popularity in legal departments over the last couple of years, they have now become the target of some staff cuts. And looking ahead, experts suggest more layoffs could be on the horizon, especially for the legal operations functions that have been acting more as administrative support rather than strategic ones, reported.

Ziad Mantoura, Senior Vice President & General Manager, Enterprise Legal & Consulting Solutions, Epiq: “When you have a strong legal operations leader, you have a good grounding in data and a good grounding in the understanding of the totality of the legal departments. They can be really effective and they can be a really good partner for the general counsel in working through these things, but there certainly are places where the legal operations function is much more administrative in nature. So it’s less strategic.”

“I believe we will continue to see heads of legal operations and legal operations functions having stronger and stronger voices. But it requires both the right legal operations leaders to be in place in those companies, and also the right general counsel who wants to embrace that, but I think we’ll continue to see more and more of that. [In] 2023 we’re probably going to see some unusual things happening. … But, bigger picture, I think we will continue to see that growth.”

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