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Epiq provided outsourced document processing services resulting in $2 million savings, improved service quality and attorney satisfaction

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A global law firm with more than 1,000 highly skilled lawyers provides diversified transaction and litigation practice through its offices worldwide. The partnership between the firm and Epiq dates back to 2001. Now Epiq provides the firm with office support and records management services in six key markets.


After several acquisitions and restructuring, the firm had a decentralized document processing team with more than 30 staff members in eight locations. Despite establishing two main hubs for intake and management, the firm was experiencing quality, utilization and consistency issues along with increasing costs.

Key issues were:

  • Inconsistent skillsets combined with overcompensation for highly-tenured staff
  • Lack of cross-training and advanced skillsets needed to perform the higher value tasks increasingly requested by attorneys
  • Lack of usage and performance metrics to accurately measure quality, productivity or utilization
  • Errors and quality concerns without quality control protocols in place

The firm needed a more viable approach to streamline resources, measure performance, and provide attorneys with highly-skilled services—all at a lower cost.



The firm once again partnered with Epiq to tackle its document processing challenges. Epiq delivered an effective solution that included:

  • A centralized team with streamlined and consistent processes in its Atlanta Knowledge Center, a more affordable labor market
  • Highly-skilled professionals with intimate knowledge in multiple practice areas, strong technical expertise and an aptitude for responsive and quality customer service
  • Comprehensive reporting that offers in-depth data regarding quality, deadline adherence, utilization, productivity, response time, and customer satisfaction
  • Quality control processes to reduce errors and increase confidence in the support team 



As the result of the streamlined management, improved skillset and workflow, the firm benefits from:

Cost savings

The firm is projected to realize $2 million tangible savings over five years, and a 30% savings over their previous costs. Additional return on investment comes from real estate, training, HR and IT overhead savings.

Efficiency gains—More work done with fewer staff 

With a growing firm practice and increased job requests, Epiq now supports on average 22% more work with almost 30% fewer team members—a significant improvement on utilization and productivity.

Improved customer experience

A customer-centric approach, enhanced work quality, additional services and expanded 24/7/365 coverage—all translates into a more rewarding attorney and staff experience.

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