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Epiq Launches Metrics that Matter, A Sophisticated Legal Operations Performance Management Solution

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Part of Epiq’s Legal Service Management vision of the unified professional management of legal services by modern legal departments

NEW YORK – May 9, 2022— Epiq, a global technology-enabled services leader to corporations and law firms, has launched Metrics that Matter, Epiq’s legal operations performance management solution that provides complete metrics and reporting for General Counsel, Legal Operations, and other legal managers. Metrics that Matter addresses an industry-wide need for actionable legal and business intelligence in the face of an increasing need to integrate data from various legal technology sources.

The Metrics that Matter Solution, powered by the Epiq Service Cloud, is a cornerstone of the Epiq Legal Service Management vision of the unified professional management of legal services by modern legal departments. Metrics that Matter brings legal metrics together in one easy-to-use and deploy platform. The intuitive dashboards feature:

  • The ability to deploy dashboards in weeks, not months
  • A Dashboard and KPI catalog with over 100 Operational, Process, Performance, Financial, and Service Level KPIs for every legal persona
  • The ability to synthesize information and identify data gaps while leveraging Epiq’s proprietary data models
  • Access to Epiq’s Hyperion Research legal intelligence, benchmarking, and performance data

As part of the Metrics that Matter Solution, Epiq’s Legal Business Advisory experts deliver a metrics assessment, develop a business intelligence data map, design a fully functional set of operational dashboards, provide training on dashboards, and provide ongoing performance management support.

“Through our advisory work with Global 1000 corporations, we found that law departments continue to face impediments to effectively collecting, analyzing, and presenting data,” said Eyal Iffergan, Managing Director, Epiq Legal Business Advisory. “The top challenge to achieving effective reporting was the lack of well-defined actionable metrics and the lack of training or skill sets. We built the Metrics that Matter Solution to address those gaps, enabling us to help complex, global corporations build and run world-class legal operations.”

Metrics that Matter is the latest solution from Epiq that empowers teams to achieve their short- and long-term goals with business intelligence and insights that cut across the entire legal department.

“Epiq developed our Legal Service Management framework from our conversations with corporate clients that want to take advantage of the latest technology to strengthen the management of the corporate legal function,” said Epiq Legal Solutions President and General Manager Roger Pilc. “Clients want to incorporate the best possible combination of people, process, technology, and data in their legal department to achieve the outcomes their internal stakeholders are requiring. Metrics that Matter, powered by the Epiq Service Cloud, can help clients understand and track the progress they are making—in real time—toward achieving the Legal Service Management vision for modern legal departments.”

Epiq Legal Service Management  
Epiq Legal Service Management

Epiq has already been working to deliver these improved outcomes with the recent public unveiling of its Epiq Service Cloud, a suite of legal service management productivity and intelligence tools, legal services, and dashboards that provides to clients a centralized digital experience of Epiq’s proprietary technology and other third-party industry tools. It is designed to assist with the effective and efficient management of legal technologies and legal services. Currently, more than 350 Epiq clients are leveraging the Epiq Service Cloud, with client growth currently at 10-15% per month.

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