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The Financial Institution’s Guide to Choosing a TPA for a Consent Order Redress Program, MRA, or Internal Remediation

  • Financial Services

Download this white paper and learn key considerations for choosing a TPA for a consent order redress program, MRA or internal remediation.

A well-managed remediation program can help expedite successful completion of redress requirements and assist in rebuilding trust and communication with regulators. Selecting an administrator is an important step that deserves close attention. A poorly executed remediation program can prolong a consent order and further strain the institution’s overall relationship with a regulator. It’s important to be assured that an administrator has the tools needed to deliver the right amount to the right people.

Download this white paper to learn key requirements for choosing a TPA, including:

  • Speedy & secure onboarding
  • Understanding regulatory rhythms
  • Maximum participation & managed cash flow
  • Accuracy & attention to details
  • Effective size & experience