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The State of Japanese Legal Departments Part Two – Legal Tech

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The digital pressures generated by the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the implementation of legal technology and legal operations around the world, shaking up the status quo of corporate legal departments. The effects of this event on major players in the West are well-documented, however, information about Japan remains limited. Aiming to generate intelligence about the current state of legal departments in Japan, Epiq surveyed legal department professionals at multinational and leading local companies in Japan in order to determine the latest developments and compare the results to North America.
The findings of this study are being discussed and analyzed in a three-part white paper series. The first white paper focused on external legal expenses; this second whitepaper on the implementation of legal technology (legal tech); and the third on the implementation of legal operations. The first white paper “The State of Legal Departments in Japan, Part One – Legal Expenses” was released earlier this year.
This second white paper analyzes the questions and responses from survey participants relating to the implementation of legal tech in legal departments in Japan and how COVID-19 influenced adoption. The analysis seeks answers to the following:

  • What is the legal tech adoption level amongst legal departments in Japan?
  • Are legal departments in Japan creating roadmaps to support legal tech implementation?
  • Which legal tech tools are gaining popularity in Japan?
  • What are the main challenges legal departments in Japan are facing with legal tech implementation?


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