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Epiq Conducts Forensics Analysis for an Alleged Theft of Intellectual Property Incident – Leads to Immediate Restraining Order and Other Restrictions

  • Financial Services

client need

Gather information regarding select matters 

The client, a major global financial services company, sought to gather objective evidence of theft of intellectual property and sensitive business information from departing employees to compel an immediate restraining order against the use and distribution of this information.

why Epiq?

Epiq has a longstanding relationship with the company’s legal department and an excellent track record of delivering meaningful value through our expert technical guidance on many other forensics analysis matters.

Epiq solution

Deliver a Forensic Analysis Solution lead by highly credentialed experts

To create a factual timeline of events related to a coordinated theft of highly confidential and restricted information from company systems, Epiq conducts a forensics analysis of activity observed on dozens of computer workstations, laptops, USB drives, and external hard drives in the period immediately preceding an abrupt and coordinated departure of key employees. These actions also served to mitigate the company’s compliance risk to data privacy regulations.