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Case Study: European MNC Seeking Global Privacy Program and Operations Expansion in China Achieves Compliance with China Personal Information Protection Law

  • Information Governance


Global Truck and Engineering Equipment Manufacturer


Europe and China

Client need

To remain in compliance, the client needed to explore methods suitable for China supervision under their European headquarters’ current data governance framework and manage risks by updating and customizing their current global privacy program to adhere to China’s Personal Information Protection Law (PIPL) requirements.

Client solution

Privacy Compliance Advisory and Technology Implementation
The client’s current privacy practices were validated, and local requirements were determined by fact-finding with client stakeholders. Technical and consulting support and workflows were provided to customize the client’s software modules. Epiq provided ongoing support during the launch of privacy technology OneTrust™ to ensure the successful deployment of assessment templates. Additionally, a Record of Processing Activities (RoPA) was created to manage risks, and training was provided to transfer knowledge of the new privacy software and processes to the client.

Why Epiq

With expertise in both organizational and technical approaches to manage privacy operation, Epiq has a proven record in supporting international organizations to meet data regulation requirements across jurisdictions while maintaining a global framework from headquarters. With a team of certified professionals, Epiq partners with privacy technology OneTrust™ to implement privacy assessment and data mapping functions into business environments.

Results and Benefits


Personal data fields associated with 8 data subject types reviewed and consulted on.


Data cross-border transferring scenarios identified for standard contract filing.


Enterprise IT systems data maps completed, including 20+ processing activities.


High-risk factors and mitigation actions documented.

Client Quote

“During the whole process, [Epiq] offered on-time communications, prompt responses, and professional services,” said the client. “We are looking forward to future cooperation.”