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Legal Ops Needs To Prove They're Not Expendable: a Chat with Legalweek Speaker Emily Miniger

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Emily Miniger, the managing director of legal transformation solutions at Epiq, however, doesn’t see the current situation as that troubling. Miniger discuss how to deal with this unique time, while also continuing to recruit top talent at Legalweek 2023 session “When Good isn’t Good Enough: How to Win the War on Talent", according to an article from Legal Tech News.

Emily Miniger, Managing Director, Legal Transformation Solutions, Epiq: "Legal leaders have to have a goal in mind about how to use AI or other legal technology to solve something or achieve something versus just unleashing it into the wild without a well-conceived vision of what you’re trying to solve. We think the legal technology is all about elevating the value of the lawyer rather than replacing the value of the lawyer"

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