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Epiq Unveils the Epiq Service Cloud to Empower Legal Service Delivery Excellence for Corporate Legal Departments and Law Firms

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The Epiq Service Cloud, with significant enhancements to the Epiq Access, Epiq Discovery, Epiq Processing, EpiqTMX and Epiq Legal Transformation solutions, along with a broader set of third-party solutions, will further advance the management of legal services.

NEW YORK – March 7, 2022 – Epiq, a technology-enabled services leader to global corporate legal departments and law firms, announced today it has unveiled its Epiq Service Cloud, including enhanced proprietary Epiq Access, Epiq Discovery and Epiq Processing platforms, as well as broadened support for third-party applications.

The Epiq Service Cloud is a suite of productivity and intelligence tools, services and dashboards that provides a centralized digital experience for Epiq’s proprietary technology and other third-party industry tools. It is designed to assist with the effective and efficient management of legal technologies and legal services. Currently, more than 300 Epiq clients are leveraging the Epiq Service Cloud, with client growth at over 10% per month.

The Epiq Service Cloud is powered by modern applications and technologies to empower corporate legal departments and law firms to meet deadlines, capture institutional knowledge and derive actionable insights from comprehensive data analytics. Built on state-of-the-art secure, private and public cloud-based infrastructure, the all-in-one platform provides advanced legal business intelligence, convenient service request modules, spend management dashboards, data transfer tools and on-demand project status updates. It includes a broad suite of applications, including several for eDiscovery, such as a self-service tool for managing data for internal investigations and subject access requests. It also includes several business-of-law applications and services designed to provide general counsel and legal operations professionals with more visibility into department and project-level service, cost and risk. These include Legal Spend Analysis, Legal Invoice Analytics and Review, and “Metrics that Matter” dashboards for at-a-glance, executive-level insights. 

“Everything we do to service our clients is based on the cohesive service and technical architecture of the Epiq Service Cloud,” Epiq Legal Solutions President and General Manager Roger Pilc said. “It transforms the way that legal work is done and helps legal teams get to quicker and better insights, while empowering tremendous value from increased productivity, efficiency, and better outcomes.”

With simple-to-use single sign-on (including federated security that works with an organization’s existing identity management system), users can, from a single interface, access both Epiq proprietary and third-party tools that support the legal function. Proprietary tools include Epiq’s own SaaS and self-service offerings, including Epiq Discovery, Epiq Access, Epiq Processing, EpiqTMX, and Epiq Case Insights™. Supported third-party tools include Relativity, RelativityOne, Reveal, Reveal AI, Brainspace, GoAnywhere, Blackout, Veritone, Linquistic Systems Inc., and many others. The Epiq Service Cloud also allows users to access spend management and “Metrics that Matter” dashboards, view and analyze details behind their historic eDiscovery and outside counsel expenses, transfer files of all sizes, and securely manage end-user access to applications and data.

Concurrent with the launch, Epiq has enhanced Epiq Access, the user interface for the Epiq Service Cloud. Epiq Access’ self-service features provide clients with simplified project and user management and comprehensive reports. Features now include a new robust work request module; hosting, processing, and spend management dashboards; and easy-to-use multifactor authentication for internal, third-party, and outside counsel users.

The Epiq Service Cloud is also a key enabler of Epiq’s growing business-of-law-related services. Epiq’s spend management dashboards leverage the Epiq Service Cloud’s data architecture to provide insights into department spending and can reduce the effort involved in managing complex e-billing data. Backed by data science and utilizing Microsoft Power BI, these dashboards give legal departments a deeper look into cost-savings opportunities and data-driven strategies to advance the way legal work gets done.  

The Epiq development team built the Epiq Service Cloud on Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and private cloud infrastructure to maximize scalability, uptime, and throughput. The team also intentionally leveraged its development team’s substantial expertise from the SaaS software, artificial intelligence, data and data management, security, and e-commerce industries to apply the most advanced technology and technology practices available. In addition to Microsoft and AWS, Epiq partnered with Snowflake, VMware, Okta, and others to deploy the Epiq Service Cloud; Optiv, Cloudflare, and Mandiant to supplement internal security teams; and Zerto for disaster recovery. 

“Our scalable data architecture consists of a state-of-the-art data warehouse, at-scale processing, industry-leading security, simplified single sign-on and unified dashboards not traditionally found in legal tech,” said Shah Karim, Epiq Legal Solutions’ chief technology officer. “The modernization of legal industry data and processes will make it easier for corporate legal teams to work within their enterprise environments and for law firms to better manage business processes.” 

To learn more about the Epiq Service cloud, visit us online here. If you will be at Legalweek in New York City, you can stop by Epiq booth #2106 for a quick demo.

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