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Competition & Regulatory Scrutiny by the CMA and European Commission in ‘The New Normal’

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As the Covid-19 pandemic subsides, and the world adjusts to the “new normal”, there is mounting evidence of a shift in approach by regulatory enforcement agencies around the world. Industries that have historically been at lower risk of investigation are coming under increasing scrutiny – and the tactics used by regulators are changing.

Key takeaways can be found here and you can listen to the full webinar below. 

In this webinar, a panel of experts will facilitate a discussion – and answer questions – about the evolving landscape of regulatory scrutiny in 2022 and beyond.

Topics discussed

  • The increasingly aggressive stance of regulators on merger control matters – from the CMA and European Commission to the DOJ and the FTC
  • The rise in corporate investigations – how they are being conducted, what type of conduct regulators are targeting, and how companies can prepare themselves
  • The development of corporate leniency programs, and the implementation of ongoing compliance programs