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Corporate Compliance: Is Artificial Intelligence the Magic Bullet?

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Epiq is pleased to offer this webinar in partnership with Compliance Week.

Government agencies, corporations and their counsel are creating and implementing compliance programs that can track a wide range of corporate conduct. This developing area of the law lends itself naturally to AI-based technology solutions that are guided by legal counsel. Yet, we must ask: will AI become a reality given the fact that general counsel are not using those tools broadly?
Our panel of experts will discuss the technological, legal and ethical issues that surround this emerging technology, and whether AI will become a solution that can effectively address compliance issues.  

Panelists for this event include: 

  • Daniel Crane, Professor of Antitrust Law at University of Michigan Law School
  • Laura Kibbe, Deputy General Counsel and Global Head of Operations at Unisys
  • Ilan Sherr, Executive Director of Aiscension and Legal Director at DLA Piper
  • Allison Dunham, Senior Director of Advanced Analytics at Epiq
  • Erin Toomey (Moderator), Vice President and the Managing Director and leader of the Global Investigations Practice Group at Epiq