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Epiq joins Blockchain + Legal Industry Group to launch new whitepaper series on technology and law

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Autofin Journal

Attorneys, not just technology developers, are trying to wrap their collective arms around what blockchain is and what it can do, too, reported AFJ. The recently formed Blockchain + Legal Industry Group announced that its collaborative working groups have created the first of several new white papers for general counsels concerning the interrelationship between blockchain and the law.

“With the adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrencies growing, legal departments will need to fully understand implications for forensics, information governance, investigations, eDiscovery, privacy and compliance, and resulting desired approaches for implementation, including what types of data that should or should not be included on the blockchain,” said founding member Alison Wisniewski, chief legal officer at Epiq and the first white paper’s leading author. “Epiq has a long history of working with corporate legal departments and law firms to understand and optimize the implementation of new technologies from a legal and compliance perspective, and our participation in this group will help us better serve our clients in this transformational area.” 

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