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Address or Eliminate? Legal Service Providers Diverge on Change Management Approaches

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Epiq launched Metrics that Matter, a performance management solution that integrates into a corporate legal department’s day-to-day systems to create an evolving dashboard of analytics and insights intended to inform the general counsel and legal operations team of their business performance. The solution, reported, aims to eliminate the need for coordination with an IT department or a change management strategy within the organization, moving away from training a team to doing the work for it. 

“I don’t think the issue is that law departments are so much looking for ‘just come in and do it for me,’ at least not as a matter of they don’t want to deal with it or they don’t have the time. It’s really more an issue of they don’t know where or how to start, said Epiq’s Managing Director of Legal Business Advisory, Eyal Iffergan, “We designed our approach for [the] Metrics that Matter program with that specifically in mind. Fundamentally, law departments all understand the need and the importance of metrics and analytics as a core business competence, but they generally don’t have the skills in house to design the metrics, harvest the data and build the schemas needed to drive the metrics, or the technical resources to build and deploy the dashboards.”

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