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Michelle Deichmeister President and General Manager of Global Business Transformation Solutions

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In her role as President at Epiq, Michelle Deichmeister is responsible for driving organic growth, operational expansion, and technology innovation for Epiq’s Global Business Transformation Solutions division. With over 35+ years of experience, she has driven business transformation for the organizations across multiple verticals – including legal, banking, financial services, oil and gas, technology, and pharmaceutical sectors. Michelle has significant experience leveraging global operational scale through process discipline and a track record of delivering exceptionally high levels of client satisfaction to the Am Law 200, Top 5 banks, and numerous Fortune 500 organizations. Throughout her career, Michelle has acted as a change agent leading the development, implementation, and management of outsourced services operations for her clients, including the outsourcing of office services, hospitality, records management, call centers, administrative, and document processing services. At Epiq, Michelle’s team manages our 500+ onsite client locations and our global network of shared service centers. She is responsible for expanding the range of Epiq service offerings to new, technology-enabled business process outsourcing (BPO) and transformation solutions across all industries. Michelle is also a certified Six Sigma Black Belt and the Executive Sponsor of both Epiq’s Charitable organization and our company-wide Sr. Leadership team.

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