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How the Tech Can we Streamline Litigation

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  • Law Firms

Today, more than ever, lawyers and law firms need technology to meet the evolving needs of clients.

Despite the disruptions often involved in implementing new technologies, law firms and corporate legal departments now acknowledge that short term inconveniences prove valuable in the long term.

As legal costs rise and firms face increased competition, it’s crucial to integrate the right technology and ensure it meets your firm’s primary needs, offering you new ways to control expenses, improve the breadth and quality of research, and get the right data quickly.

This free industry session will provide you with valuable insights on how firms of all sizes utilise technology to be more efficient, allowing you to gain direction on how you also can mitigate costs while meeting the evolving needs of your clients.

The panel of leading experts discuss:

• How new datatypes affect collection efficiency

• Efficiencies gained during the review process

• Simplifying your matter’s story using fact management software

• Trial books and presentation technology to simplify the walk to court