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Epiq delivers better matter outcomes via integrated eDiscovery for large pharmaceutical company

  • Healthcare

Client need

Upgrade existing inflexible eDiscovery system

Our client, a large pharmaceutical company, was looking to replace a deprecated, inflexible review platform with a new and centralized solution for ESI and Managed Review. The client also desired to access science-degreed attorneys for review on its highly technical matters.

why Epiq?

Epiq could clearly provide a superior technical solution and an integrated team for stability and manageability. Moreover, our Pharmaceutical Practice Group provides expertise that drives improved results. Lastly, Epiq was willing to  design a bespoke, stratified staffing model to deliver review attorney teams with Ph.D. and Masters level bioscience backgrounds.

Epiq solution

A complete data migration to a more modern platform, combined with desired expertise

Epiq migrated data from the outdated review platform to a new, more flexible, cloud-based solution. We deployed robust, market-leading analytical tools – aligned with a dedicated Pharmaceutical Practice Group of experienced specialists – to respond to the client’s requirement for technical expertise of the highest scientific level.