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Protect and Manage Unstructured Data Leveraging Microsoft E5 Compliance

  • Healthcare

client need

Design & plan for specific components of the Microsoft Compliance Solution

The client, a large healthcare provider, wanted to better understand the features and capabilities of specific Microsoft Compliance technology components—including Microsoft Information Governance, eDiscovery, Insider Risk Management and Communication Compliance—and create a strategic deployment plan.


why Epiq?

Epiq was subcontracted by Microsoft Consulting Services because of our strong expertise in both business process evaluation and design and Microsoft 365 Compliance technologies.


Epiq solution

Deliver training and education through a hands on approach

Through the process of hands-on working sessions and training, Epiq delivered stakeholder education, usage scenario development, solution prerequisites, policy templates, policy settings, workflows and remediation for the following Microsoft workloads; Microsoft Information Governance, eDiscovery, Insider Risk Management, and Communication Compliance. Final deliverables included a design and plan document, preparation checklist, and execution of customer test cases.