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Epiq Launches Regulatory Risk Insights™ to Uncover Actionable Insights about Potentially Illegal Corporate Activity

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The technology-driven service addresses an environment of increased regulatory activity and the heightened risk posed to organizations by a wide-range of activities across their global operations.

NEW YORK – Oct. 26, 2022 – Epiq, a global technology-enabled services leader to the legal industry and corporations, announced today it has launched Epiq Regulatory Risk Insights™, a technology-driven service where the Epiq team works closely with corporations and their outside counsel to proactively identify internal corporate actions and behavior that can put organizations at risk for civil and criminal antitrust violations, corrupt practices, bribery, and false claims.

The service deploys innovative technology, artificial intelligence, and substantive expertise to provide early and critical intelligence reflected in corporate data. With this information, corporations can make strategic decisions to quickly address potentially harmful situations and, in some cases, make early applications for leniency.

“The best way to mitigate uncertainty is to safeguard with a solid compliance program,” said Erin Toomey, Vice President and Managing Director of Epiq’s Global Investigations Practice Group. “Programs should include measures to prevent violations, and also quickly detect and report violations. This remains a company's best chance at avoiding prosecution.”

Given the widespread expansion of regulatory oversight, corporations are looking to take a more proactive approach to address potential issues of corporate liability. Epiq experts have decades of experience analyzing data to identify critical documents during active legal matters. Epiq Regulatory Risk InsightsTM gives clients the ability to leverage that expertise, underpinned by sophisticated use of advanced technologies, to enhance larger risk management programs.

The technology that drives Epiq Regulatory Risk InsightsTM sets it apart and enables customers to derive granular insights that may otherwise remain locked in their corporate databases. The experts behind the new service use pre-built subject matter AI models with proprietary search flows and workflows. Working closely with counsel, the team interrogates the data to discover possible issues of concern, delivering the ability to potentially address and mitigate risk before it comes to the attention of regulators.

“The combination of deep subject matter expertise and a sophisticated approach to quickly finding key documents, patterns, and themes provides our clients with compelling and defensible strategies for managing risk,” Toomey said.

Epiq Regulatory Risk InsightsTM combines Epiq’s deep global investigations expertise with Epiq’s Case Insights™ team, which is led by Alison Dunham, Director of Advanced Analytics. Launched by Epiq in early 2021, this team includes Epiq consultants with extensive knowledge of advanced tools, techniques, workflows, and processes, who can quickly deliver reports containing key facts, themes, and behavior patterns.
“Collaborating closely with legal teams, we typically can provide meaningful analysis and actionable results quickly and accurately,” Dunham said. “We are delighted to be able to apply our expertise to this new initiative in order to best support our clients.”
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