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Moving to the cloud is a transformative shift for your high performing business. With Epiq, easily migrate all of your organization's content and begin to leverage the complete built-in security and compliance features in Office 365.

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Epiq & Microsoft Information Governance

eDiscovery With Microsoft Office 365 Is A Game Changer

Why Information Governance Now?

In the last decade, enterprises have created and accumulated exponentially more digital information than ever before. Organizations have data sprawled across a variety of disparate silos and the data often includes Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Regulators have responded to this increasing data growth with numerous security and privacy laws. As a result, modern enterprises experience increased data management and eDiscovery costs in order to remain compliant. Additionally, data regulations and privacy laws create increased risks of fines, reputational and operational damages for organizations that are unprepared. Some enterprises attempt to manage their data with several collections of various third-party vendors but it can be difficult and costly.

Epiq offers best-in-class solutions to information governance concerns with Office 365. Enterprises can move and consolidate their content into the Microsoft cloud, making it easier and more cost-effective to manage. Once migrated, companies can maximize the built-in features of Office 365 to deploy robust security and compliance solutions to further reduce costs and mitigate risks. High performing companies can now control their data easily with Office 365.

Information Governance no longer requires costly and complicated tools. Now, you can take control with Office 365.

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The Benefits of Information Governance with Epiq and Office 365

Epiq supports data migration of all workloads to the cloud, including Email (Exchange, Notes, Legacy archives such as Proofpoint, EV.cloud, EMC SourceOne, Enterprise vault), on premise file shares, SharePoint, public folders and more, all migrated in a legally defensible way.

Reduce Costs

  • Better manage your data
  • Reduce over collection
  • Reduce eDiscovery costs
  • Eliminate expensive legacy data storage systems

Mitigate Risks

  • Avoid GDPR fines and business interruptions
  • Avoid data breach costs and fines
  • Avoid compliance fines
  • Avoid reputational damage

Why Epiq?

Migrate and Maximize Office 365 with a World Leader in Legal Technology Services

  1. We know compliance. Epiq is an early and leading innovator in compliance solutions. We have decades of experience, thousands of global clients, and a strong command of the industry’s best practices. Epiq helps our clients utilize technology and develop business processes to mitigate compliance risks.

  2. We are a leader. Epiq is a worldwide leader in providing advisory services for digital management solutions and we are a Microsoft Gold Certified partner.

  3. We enable the Information Governance tools you already own with Office 365. We have direct access to various Microsoft subsidy programs that we can use to reduce your out-of-pocket costs.

Our Offerings

We partner with leading companies in a two-phase approach. First, we guide your move to the cloud, ensuring a smooth and effective migration. Next, we help you fully maximize the compliance and security capabilities of Office 365.

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Data Migration to Office 365

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Office 365 Data Compliance Enablement

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Office 365 Data Security Enablement

Data Migration

A Legally Defensible Approach

Epiq supports legally defensible data migrations of all workloads to the cloud, including Email (Exchange, Notes, Legacy archives such as Proofpoint, EV.cloud, EMC SourceOne, Enterprise vault), on premise file shares, SharePoint, public folders, and more.

Email & Email Archive Migration

  • Live email
  • Cloud archives
  • On premise archives
  • Identification of data to be migrated
  • Gold-certified experts in the legacy archive, migration tools, and Microsoft
  • Providers of defensible migration and deletion approach

File Share Migration

  • Epiq’s proprietary tool, eGovern, for proper migration
  • On premise file share migrations to various Office 365 data locations, including OneDrive, Sharepoint OnLine, Teams, and moreOn premise file share migrations to various Office 365 data locations, including OneDrive, Sharepoint OnLine, Teams, and more

Sharepoint Migration

  • Tools and services to migrate your existing Sharepoint content to SharepointOnline/OneDrive

Office 365 Data Compliance Enablement

Enable the Office 365 solutions that you already own for data subject access requests, compliance with GDPR, CCPA, and other privacy laws as well as creating a comprehensive retention policy and strategy.

Office 365 eDiscovery Solutions

  • Advisory services to leverage Office 365
  • Managed services to perform eDiscovery collections
  • Training and enablement
  • Proprietary technologies for eDiscovery out of Teams, Legal Hold

Office 365 Data Privacy Solutions

  • Advisory services to leverage Office 365 to meet GDPR/CCPA requirements
  • DSAR managed service
  • Data classification and Office 365 enablement

Office 365 Data Retention Solutions

  • Advisory services for strategic retention policies
  • Configuration of Office 365 Retention

Data Security

Enable Office 365 Security Solutions for data classification, incident response, improving your security score, data breach notifications, and more.

Office 365 Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) Suite Enablement

  • How secure are you today? Find out your MS Secure Score
  • Office 365 Security and Data Privacy Advisory services
  • Office 365 Security feature enablement and migration: ATP, AIP, CAS, Intune

Data Classification with Office 365

  • Utilize Epiq’s proprietary tool, eGovern, for proper data classification
  • Data classification and identification for security breaches
  • Data protection with access controls and labeling

O365 Incident Response services

  • Forensic incident investigation
  • eDiscovery, Document Review, PII custodians affected
  • Notification and call center support

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