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Lilian Goh Regional Director

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Meet Lilian Goh, the dynamic leader of our Singapore office and head of our court reporting operations in Asia. Goh started the Singapore entity as a one-person operation in 2002 and has over 20 years of experience in legal technology and data management. Goh combines her deep industry knowledge with a client- centric approach to deliver unparalleled eDiscovery and eTrial solutions. Her team excels in handling complex litigation, regulatory inquiries, and compliance challenges, ensuring that clients receive efficient, cost-effective, and defensible results. Goh’s commitment to innovation and excellence has positioned our Singapore office as a trusted partner for leading law firms and corporations.

Goh introduced innovative digital audio recording and monitoring solutions to the Singapore Supreme Court in 2005. In 2023, Goh and her team broke the norm by implementing the world’s first cutting-edge technology in court systems, EpiqFAST, an AI-enabled technology that delivers instantaneous speech- to-text output of court proceedings. This is revolutionising access to justice using AI’s potential to reduce labour and court costs, facilitating 'paperless, people-less' courts, allowing documents to be accessed anytime, anywhere and enabling advancements in digital audio recording and real-time transcription to enhance the efficiency of proceedings.v

Under her leadership, Epiq continues to set the standard for both eDiscovery and court reporting services in the Asia-Pacific region.


Prior to Epiq, Goh came with extensive experience working with clients in ASEAN, providing them with solutions for their businesses. She was also critical in setting up the operations and business structures of the companies she worked for.

Goh worked at one of the largest licensed warehouses in Singapore as an operations manager and helped streamline and automate work processes to increase efficiency and meet the critical timelines of cargo shipments. She has also worked in the information technology industry, supporting channel partners in delivering a full spectrum of global technology and supply chain services to businesses. She played a crucial role in expanding opportunities in Indonesia, particularly through her secondment in the early days of her career.

During the course of her career, she has developed strong people management and operations skills.


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