eDiscovery Forensics

Easily maintain and clarify defensible collections, evidence integrity and chain of custody records with Epiq’s global digital forensics team.

Our global team of forensic examiners hold a variety of certifications, including CCE, CHFI and EnCE, and can perform onsite or remote collections anywhere in the world. All collected data is preserved in a forensically sound manner and is defensible in the future. Having handled hundreds of domestic and overseas litigations, we work with proven technologies and have set the standard for a methodical and defensible approach to collecting, preserving and analysing data. Our process has been adopted as the industry best practice.

Epiq can help you with onsite or remote collections anywhere in the world

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Our experienced teams gather important data even if it has been damaged or is difficult to find—information that can be the difference between winning and losing your organisation’s case and reputation. Epiq ensures the secure preservation of the most sensitive data using repeatable and defensible processes. We know each case or matter has its own unique objectives and goals. At Epiq, we have the knowledge and experience to construct custom processes to fit the specific needs of client projects. Our teams know the common issues faced by clients and will identify and fortify any vulnerable areas in your organisation’s case.

Computer forensic analysis: Whether it’s analysis of your organisation’s data or review of an opponent’s data, expert analysis will help you avoid surprises and stay informed.

Computer forensic consulting: We can help you collect and preserve your data, however, our true value is our ability to assist with client evidence and strategy from early investigation through trial.

Data acquisition: Epiq data acquisition experts have extensive experience planning and executing successful preservation and collection of large and complex data sets.

Expert testimony: Our experts are experienced at working closely with the litigation team and in preparing the results of analysis for proper presentation to a judge and/or jury and defending that work at depositions.

Technical deposition consulting: Epiq has extensive experience in assisting with the execution of technical depositions of opposing witnesses and experts. Subtle differences in technical terms, semantics, understanding the relevant technology, and interpreting the results of computer forensic analysis all contribute to effective technical depositions.

Enterprise archive and legacy media: Epiq experts excel at crafting the proper forensic protocols for dealing with even the most difficult data sets across all media and computing devices.



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