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Regulatory, Compliance & Cyber

Regulatory Compliance Services for an Ever-Evolving World

Ensuring secure, compliant, and efficient information governance.

Information is, in many ways, as much a currency of the modern world as capital itself, especially in the legal arena. Law firms and corporate legal departments that work with Epiq know they must always be able to share it at a moment's notice, even when clients are operating on an enterprise scale across multiple regions, nations or even continents. That wealth of information, and its transferability, does come with a price: It must be kept safe at all costs, particularly in light of the growing prevalence of data breaches and cyberattacks.  

There's a tight line that must be walked: Many records have to be protected not only for the sake of comprehensiveness and posterity but also to meet any relevant compliance requirements. Organizations additionally have a responsibility to identify and remediate potential wrongdoing. Yet the sheer volume of enterprise-scale data sometimes means deletion is necessary to make room for new data. Epiq boasts 85+ years of combined experience, unparalleled ingenuity and cutting-edge technologies to provide regulatory compliance services that appropriately address the governance, compliance and security challenges faced by today's law firms and corporate legal teams.

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Global Investigations 

Epiq’s best-in-class Global Investigations Practice Group provides a comprehensive discovery solution. Our dedicated team, comprised of former litigators, law enforcement officers, and experienced data/discovery professionals, understands the pressures and discovery requirements of any government investigation. We will work closely with your team to assist in assuring full and timely compliance, all with predictable pricing. Learn more here

Internal Investigations

Corporations conduct internal investigations for a variety of reasons—whether it’s deciding how to respond to potential litigation, investigating an internal charge, or in the case of potential wrongdoing, deciding whether to make an early application for leniency—but they all have a few things in common. Internal Investigations need to be done quickly and effectively, and ideally without expending significant resources or cost. 

Epiq has the tools and services that can help your legal team quickly complete internal investigations, and all with the ability to broaden the toolsets if something starts as an internal investigation but then becomes larger. Learn more here.

 Regulatory Risk Insights 

Epiq’s Regulatory Risk Insights™ is a unique service that deploys cutting-edge technology, artificial intelligence, and substantive expertise to provide early and critical intelligence about actions and behavior reflected in corporate data that may create legal liability.  With this information, corporations can make strategic decisions to quickly address potentially harmful situations and, in some cases, make early applications for leniency. Learn more here.

Information Governance

At Epiq, our Information Governance professionals help enterprises migrate data to the cloud easily and get the most out of the advanced built-in security and compliance features within Microsoft Purview. We also work alongside our clients globally to overcome their biggest information governance challenges including ever-expanding data sources, increasingly rigorous compliance and privacy regulations, and the need to reduce costs. 

Epiq’s information governance services include: 

  • eDiscovery 

  • Records Management 

  • Information Governance 

  • Data Migration  

  • Legal Hold 

  • Surveillance/Survey 

  • Insider Risk Management 

  • Compliance 

  • Data Privacy 

  • Data Lost Prevention 

Organizations that rely on Epiq to get the best out of their Microsoft investment benefit from a strong team of experts who uniquely combine deep legal and compliance knowledge with expertise in implementing and utilizing Microsoft technologies. 

Whether your organization is just beginning to consider information governance with Microsoft Purview or has a mature program, Epiq can add value through its portfolio of solutions. Learn more here

Cyber Incident Response

While it is not guaranteed that every organization will experience a data breach of some kind at a certain point, the odds are high enough to necessitate significant precautions. This planning must include contingencies for notifying anyone affected by a breach of your business: The GDPR requires organizations to inform potential breach victims no more than 72 hours after learning of such incidents, and numerous U.S. states are deliberating similar requirements.  

Turning to Epiq for your data breach response needs means partnering with the industry leader in swift notification — less than five days guaranteed, with rush service available for situations requiring it (i.e., breaches of GDPR-protected information). We take a managed-services approach to data breach notification, serving as a one-stop-shop for all tasks essential to the consumer-alert process: data acquisition and research, forms, noticing and contact center setup and support.  

Even when individuals affected by breaches are promptly informed, a hack can nonetheless result in a negotiated settlement to preclude the judgment of a class-action lawsuit. Epiq can shoulder this administrative burden as well with legal noticing, claims processing and disbursement of any appropriate remedy or compensation.  

In cybersecurity, the best cure is prevention — and Epiq's records management and compliance experts are fully on board with working preemptively to minimize the likelihood of a breach. We vet our own security processes according to industry-leading standards, stage mock-breach scenarios to give an impression of the actual experience and build templates and project plans so that clients are forewarned and forearmed to protect their essential records. Learn more here.

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