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Public Investigations
and Inquiries

Effectively manage complex public sector investigations while avoiding costly and politically sensitive delays.

Equip your team to conduct an efficient public investigation by uncovering facts, collaborating with stakeholders, and meeting stringent public sector security requirements. 

Work with Epiq Experts to:

Arm your team with the right resources to conduct a secure, compliant, and thorough investigation.

Process traditional and electronic data, including new forms of evidence such as mobile messaging and video.

Accelerate the pace of your investigations working with experts who provide advisory, implementation, and ongoing support.

Meet scrutiny into government spending via a reputable partner with proven credentials in public sector investigations.

Key Features:

Drive Productivity

Enable your team to gain immediate insights with live AI-enhanced text output.

Achieve Cost Efficiency Without Loss of Performance

Accomplish different investigation needs with cost-effective solutions, from self-serve models for smaller investigations, to fully supported platforms for more complex investigations or public inquiries.  

Increase the Pace of Your Investigation 

Move at pace with the capability to ingest, structure, and analyse complex data with enterprise-grade processing technology. 

Streamline Your Timelines

Progress efficiently with proven processes and workflows to support the investigations process, purpose-built for stringent public sector requirements.  

Make Data-Driven Decisions

Produce insights with comprehensive analysis of traditional and emerging data formats, including mobile messaging and social media. 



Expedite productivity working with a high-tenure team with expertise gained from 35 years of frontline experience supporting 90% of UK public inquiries.


Improve coordination of your teams and technology through the lifecycle of the investigation with expert advisory, implementation, and support services for Relativity One.


Streamline your timelines with infrastructure and workflows purpose-built for the security, processing, and analytics scale required for public investigations.


Reduce onboarding and commencement timelines working with a team with established security clearance credentials for UK public sector.


Mitigate risk with a solution backed by a dedicated Information Security Compliance team.


Achieve compliance with UK government purchasing programmes via the Crown Commercial Service RM6203 eDisclosure and document review framework and the G-Cloud 13 framework.

Does your public inquiry include hearings? Learn about Epiq’s Hearing Room Support Services