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Information Governance

Leverage the Value of Your Data While Effectively Managing Compliance and Security

The convergence of data growth, digital transformation, and evolving regulatory compliance requirements is reshaping the legal and compliance landscape.

Embracing digital transformation and innovative technologies will enable legal and compliance teams to navigate the complex regulatory landscape more efficiently, maintain data privacy, and unlock the true value of their data.

Epiq provides a broad range of advisory and technology-enabled services to help organizations plan, execute, and manage information governance strategies to reduce risks and costs and create better business outcomes.

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Epiq’s Information Governance Approach
Seven Categories

Epiq Is a Global Leader in Information Governance



Epiq’s long-standing relationship with Microsoft has helped establish a reputation as a reliable and trusted partner.



Epiq has a wealth of expertise and a proven track record for delivering results.



Epiq is a global leader, and early and leading innovator providing advisory services for digital management solutions.



Epiq has decades of experience, hundreds of global clients, and a strong command of the industry’s best practices.


Microsoft and Epiq Making More Possible

Get more from your Microsoft technology while protecting your data and managing risk. ​

Today organizations are implementing data management strategies, and leveraging technology to ensure compliance, privacy, and security. ​

Microsoft counts on Epiq's blend of legal and technical expertise to assist clients.

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Let’s create efficiencies, information governance guidelines, and better business outcomes together.

Epiq® and Controle® Come Together

In 2018, Epiq and Controle combined to create a new global leader in information governance. Our combined industry expertise, capabilities, services, and global scale is unmatched. The comprehensive solutions of our combined companies mean an even greater breadth and depth of information governance support services for law firms, corporations, and government entities around the world.

Get answers to your questions or learn more about Epiq's Information Governance Services.