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The Vanishing Act: Strategies for Archiving and Storage of Ephemeral Messages

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Email is increasingly getting replaced and supplemented by various messaging applications, some with disappearing messaging, that do not reside on network servers, and do not have archives controlled by the organization. With no relative permanence or search-ability, numerous issues arise for employers, especially with eDiscovery and litigation. 

In this webinar, hosted in collaboration with the Association of Corporate Counsel – Alberta, the expert panel discusses the importance of data compliance and retention, effective ways to assess risk, and practical discovery when dealing with ephemeral messaging apps (Snapchat, Telegram, WhatsApp etc.). 


  • Angad Bedi, Associate at JSS Barristers 
  • Jon Lavinder, Senior Director of Product Management, Epiq 
  • Tiana Van Dyk, Managing Director, Canada, Epiq (moderator)