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Epiq Flex IG Talent

Epiq provides its clients with flexible talent with expertise in eDiscovery, Information Governance, Compliance, and Archiving.

Epiq provides a broad range of consultative and administrative information governance experience and services paired with smart technologies, which help organizations plan, execute, and manage information governance strategies.

When to use Epiq Flex IG Talent?


If talent is required for a specific project that has a set duration


If you’re unable to hire FTEs due to budgetary constraints


If you’re unable to source talent with the appropriate level of skills

Epiq Flex IG Talent Differentiators:

business partner

Epiq has decades of experience, hundreds of global clients, deep business partner relationships, and a strong command of the industry’s best practices

project duration

Project durations to meet your needs, whether that’s one week or months at a time


Epiq resources are available either full-time or part-time

scale up

Epiq has the capability to scale up resources quickly as project requirements evolve

Microsoft Services:

records Management
information Governance
data Migration
legal Hold
surveillance Survey
insider Risk Management
data Privacy
data Loss Prevention

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