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Epiq Service Cloud:
Data, AI, and Analytics Platform

Transform data into actionable insights for informed business of law decision-making.

Experience streamlined workflows and data-driven decision-making using a comprehensive solution that integrates advanced AI, analytics, and business intelligence tools. Execute a legal operations strategy based on data and visualisation, including environments with large legal data volumes.

AI Insights and Security


Use AI-driven insights and analytics to turn complex data into actionable intelligence for strategic planning and decision-making.


Rely on a platform designed to meet the legal industry's standards for data security and compliance, safeguarding your operations.

Key Features

Our Service Cloud
Business Intelligence
AI and Analytics
Data Management

Visualise data insights effectively with integrated business intelligence tools like Power BI.

Transform complex legal data into usable insights with advanced analytics.

Simplify data management across diverse sources with integrated data ingestion and ETL  (Extract, Transform, Load) process.

Securely store and manage large data volumes in a scalable Data Lake.

Enhance decision-making with AI-driven predictive analytics and machine learning models.


Experience the advantage of analytics and AI refined to address the complexities of legal data, providing insights applicable to your legal challenge.

Take on legal responsibilities with confidence, supported by a platform that prioritises data security and compliance, in alignment with the legal industry's stringent standards.

Enhance your legal department's efficiency without exiting your existing systems, consolidate your technology on a platform designed for integration with your current legal IT ecosystem.

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